Welcome to Vins Automotive Training Centre, the premier destination for automotive education in Kenya. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for all things automotive, we have established ourselves as the leading institution in the country for those seeking to embark on a rewarding career in the automotive industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities, industry-experienced instructors, and comprehensive curriculum ensure that our students receive the highest quality training, preparing them for success in this dynamic field. Whether you aspire to become a skilled mechanic, automotive engineer, or simply want to master the art of vehicle maintenance, Vins Automotive Training Centre is your gateway to a bright and fulfilling future in the world of automobiles. Join us on the road to success today!

 — Mr Kinyua Wanjohi , Founder vins auto group


Vins Automotive Training Centre equips its students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the ever-evolving automotive industry, making it the foremost choice for individuals seeking a career in this dynamic field

  • Automotive service technician-            The combination of both classroom theory (40%) and hands-on training (60%) offers the auto mechanic student the experiences that are required for entry-level Auto Mechanic Jobs. This Auto Mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship program prepares students to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types and makes of cars.

Topics covered.

  • Introduction to the Automotive Industry and Shop Safety
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service Wheels, Tires, Hubs and Bearings
  • Operation & Service Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Operation and Servicing of Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Operation & Service Suspension Systems
  • Operation & Service Steering Systems
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Service the Drive Lines and Drive Axles
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • General Electrical Systems Diagnostics
  • Service Gasoline Engine
  • Service Lubrication and Cooling Systems
  • Operation & Service Ignition Systems
  • Operation and Servicing Fuel Injection Systems
  • Service Emissions and Computer Control System


  • Spray painting
  • Automotive diagnostics

With the evolution and implementation of new technologies in the automotive industry, how to diagnose an impact on the vehicle becomes a complicated technical process. Therefore diagnosis technicians must be continuously learning and systems used and useful tools that should be used for proper repair.

In this course, it will seek to guide the technical diagnosis on logical reasoning techniques to be performed to obtain a quick and effective remedy. Also, different types of diagnostic equipment, tools and techniques for tracking faults facilitate final repair will be described.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • Understand and analyze the importance of customer communication.
  • Saber gather information for a correct diagnosis.
  • Adjust the sequence of jobs available means to optimize resources.
  • Differentiate diagnosis methods depending on the nature of the issue.
  • Recognize different equipment and tools available on the market and use.
  • Interpretation of measurement units.
  • Knowing the importance of a logical sequence of work and logical sequence of diagnosis.
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles foundations


Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Operation
  • Safety and Service the Hybrid Vehicles
  • HV Battery Pack and Capacitors
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Brushless Electric Motors Operation
  • Power Inverter, Voltage Converter, and the Controller
  • Basic Hybrid Maintenance and Service
  • Plug-in Electric Vehicle
  • Automotive upholstery